Swissgold One Cup

Sometimes you don’t need twelve cups of coffee. Sometimes one is enough and that’s where the Swissgold One Cup KF 300 comes in.

I’ve had one of these gadgets for a few years and while at first glance it looks like an overpriced bit of plastic, it’s actually a fantastic bit of kit.

It works using a gold plated precision machined filter that avoids problems of losing or tainting the flavour of the coffee which can be a problem with paper or nylon filters. If you think this is over the top then you’re probably right, but it still looks damn cool!

Making a brew is dead easy – a desert spoon full of coffee in the lower filter section, shake it around to ensure the filter is covered then place on the insert.  Fill to the brim with boiling water – there’s no need to wait as by the time it gets to the coffee it will have cooled a few degrees – then sit and wait.

Occasionally if there’s too much coffee in the filter the water doesn’t seep through in which case give it a quick twist and if there isn’t enough or the coffee is ground too coarse it can be a little weak but practice helps avoid these problems. Certainly I’ve not experienced the volume of issues that reviewers on Amazon seem to have faced, but then again I’m not trying to brew 32 fl oz of coffee in one go!

Cleaning the filter is easy too – just dispose of the used coffee grinds and rinse both parts under a running tap.

There’s not many UK suppliers of the Swissgold One Cup – I got mine from Another Coffee for £9.95 plus delivery but since then the price has increased to £13.50. Londinium Espresso sell it for £12.77 plus VAT and have produced this nice little demo video:

Also available are Swissgold models to replace paper cone or basket filters in a variety of sizes.  If the quality is anything like the One Cup model I imagine it makes fantastic coffee and well worth the investment.

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