Puly Caff

Puly CaffThe Stellar Cafetiere we’ve had in the office is now seven years old and the filter has been clogged with coffee oils and the like for quite a while. Before buying a replacement filter from Stellar I thought I’d look into cleaning products and came across Puly Caff which gets pretty good reviews. Watch the video to see it in action:

So how did it cope on our tough stains? Here’s the filter before cleaning. Note the concentric rings of grime – these line up with the holes on the plunger and so prevent it working efficiently.

Cafetiere filter before Puly Caff

Before cleaning

The first cleaning cycle turned the bowl of water a horrible colour:

It even turns the milk chocolaty!

It even turns the milk chocolaty!

Everything came out sparkling but the filter was still somewhat clogged so I put it through a second clean cycle, this time cleaning the inside of the cafetiere too. Some improvement but still not perfect – it may need soaking for longer than the 15 minutes suggested on the pack:

Filter after two cleaning cycles

Filter after two cleaning cycles

Puly Caffe Cleaning Powder (900g) – I paid £7.99 which compared to the price of a new cafetiere is a bargain and should last for ages.

Update 26 September 2014: Leaving the filter to soak overnight has cleaned off almost all of the remaining coffee gunk. Plunging is now smooth and easy once again!

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